August 18, 2011

Just not feeling it ...

WOW … what happened to the first 18 days of this month?  The summer is over and I have yet to begin a major diet or workout program.  SLACKER!! Yep that’s me … super big slacker so far.  I had big plans for this month but I have yet to start.  Why is it that I am so quick to say ... "I'll start tomorrow" or  "I might be able to pull out a save this month if I stay focused and really put up an effort for the next 2 weeks".  I’m not sure what is causing my lack of motivation but I am just not feeling it . Quick ... someone send me some motivation!

July 25, 2011

When the going gets tough …

I’ve decided since the going is getting tough it’s time to pack my bags and head on vacation.  Tomorrow we leave for our annual family reunion vacation.  Nothing like camping in the HOT Kansas wheatfields surrounded by a bunch of family, farmers and tractors!  Seriously, I know everyone is jealous!  BBQ, beer and homemade pie will be the perfect diet right before weigh in … or NOT!  I am going to mark this month up as a complete bust before the weigh-in even gets here.  BUT … I will be home in time to weigh-in repack my bags and head off for a Nashville GIRLS TRIP!!  Now you SHOULD be Jealous … I’ll be rocking my morning workouts at the Gaylord Opryland Fitness Center!  I’ve got my workout schedule ready for August and I’ve made a promise to myself … I’m going to do my best to BUST MY BUNS the WHOLE month of August!

July 14, 2011

Losing ...

Wish I could say I was losing weight … but instead I’m losing at this dieting/workout battle.  What made me think or want to diet in the summer???  I love summer and all the fun and joys that come with it.  Hanging out with friends and family, backyard BBQ’s, baseball, eating out, beer, boating, ice cream, ugh … which none of this makes dieting easy.  The good news is I love my early morning runs and our family bike rides I just need to find me some motivation to get back on track before this month ends in a gain.

July 6, 2011

Burgers, Brats and a Good ol' Sunburn ..

Not a great start to my new month. Burgers and Brats have been our dinner for the past 5 days. BBQ's, Holidays and Dieting are an unhealthy combination.  Add in a good ol' sunburn and it makes weight loss success a losing battle.   Now that the 4th of July festivities are behind me and my sunburn is not glowing RED.  I just might attempt to put on a sports bra and go for a run. 

June 24, 2011

DeRAILed ...

Pretty much sums up the past week.  After this past week … I’m really ready to have JUNE over with and focus on the next 3 months of this comp.  I have 6 days to get this train wreck of a body back on the track … I might even attempt to modify my diet for the next week, add in as much exercise as I can and hope for some magic by the 1st of July. 

June 15, 2011

Working on ME ....

In my mind I’m not what I would consider “overweight” I’m more just “out of shape” … but the painful reality is I’m BOTHa little Overweight and a lot Out of Shape!!  That is exactly why I am challenging myself to face the truth and work ON ME.  It’s my mothering instinct to always put ME and MY NEEDS LAST.  I do everything for my kids and husband before I do things for myself.  I’m hoping this comp will encourage me to focus on my health and exercise needs while continuing to balance my busy family and all of our crazy schedules.  

This leads me the goals I set for myself when I started this comp….
#1 – Lose 18 lbs … It might me harder to reach this goal than I think but I’m ready for a challenge. 
#2 – Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day … This has been my strong point so far in the comp.  I have been really good about drinking lots of water ... the ONE day I slacked off I went to bed with a horrible headache ... UGH ... that alone is enough to remind me to DRINK H2O!!
#3 – Portion control and late night meals … I refuse to completely change what I like to eat but am challenging myself to focus on portion size and when I eat. I’m not a junk food eater.  I hate chocolate but love carbs!  Pasta is my weakness.  I would die without it but all I need is a little and I am happy.  I even discovered I like whole wheat pasta.  Now I just need to NOT eat heavy carbs so late.   So often my work schedule or my son’s sports schedule conflicts with dinner time.  I’m no longer eating after 7:00 pm … Unless you count the liquid dinners I have had a few times this past week.  I’m pretty sure wine after 7:00 is OK

#4 – Exercise at least 5 hours each week …. For the 1st two weeks I have FAILED at this goal … which leads me to my “Roadblock”!

I have ONE major roadblock.  I am HORRIBLE at managing my time.  I’m a master procrastinator.  I wake up with great intentions and go to bed disappointed that I didn’t “fit exercise into my schedule”.  I even like to exercise.  It's like if I don't pencil it into my schedule I just move right past it.  I must figure out a way to find balance in my life … a balance between eating what I like yet limiting my portions … keep drinking at least 64 oz. of water each day … scheduling time to exercise 5x a week.  If I can pull this off I will be a super happy and healthy mom, wife and ME!!

June 7, 2011

Down 3 ...

It’s day 7 of the comp and I stepped on the scale for the 1st time to check my progress.  Seems how I have done NOTHING except focus on drinking lots of water and sadly I have NOT been very discipline in the food nor beverage department and because of my lovely summer cold I have done NO cardio at all this week.  I didn’t expect to see any results at all.  I was delighted to see that I am down THREE pounds since weigh in! Pretty sure that might be 3 lbs of snot I blew out my nose this past week.  None the less I’ll own it and call it the beginning of a new week.   I know the first few pounds are the easiest to lose but that just ups my motivation to add in cardio exercise this week and hope for another THREE.