June 15, 2011

Working on ME ....

In my mind I’m not what I would consider “overweight” I’m more just “out of shape” … but the painful reality is I’m BOTHa little Overweight and a lot Out of Shape!!  That is exactly why I am challenging myself to face the truth and work ON ME.  It’s my mothering instinct to always put ME and MY NEEDS LAST.  I do everything for my kids and husband before I do things for myself.  I’m hoping this comp will encourage me to focus on my health and exercise needs while continuing to balance my busy family and all of our crazy schedules.  

This leads me the goals I set for myself when I started this comp….
#1 – Lose 18 lbs … It might me harder to reach this goal than I think but I’m ready for a challenge. 
#2 – Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day … This has been my strong point so far in the comp.  I have been really good about drinking lots of water ... the ONE day I slacked off I went to bed with a horrible headache ... UGH ... that alone is enough to remind me to DRINK H2O!!
#3 – Portion control and late night meals … I refuse to completely change what I like to eat but am challenging myself to focus on portion size and when I eat. I’m not a junk food eater.  I hate chocolate but love carbs!  Pasta is my weakness.  I would die without it but all I need is a little and I am happy.  I even discovered I like whole wheat pasta.  Now I just need to NOT eat heavy carbs so late.   So often my work schedule or my son’s sports schedule conflicts with dinner time.  I’m no longer eating after 7:00 pm … Unless you count the liquid dinners I have had a few times this past week.  I’m pretty sure wine after 7:00 is OK

#4 – Exercise at least 5 hours each week …. For the 1st two weeks I have FAILED at this goal … which leads me to my “Roadblock”!

I have ONE major roadblock.  I am HORRIBLE at managing my time.  I’m a master procrastinator.  I wake up with great intentions and go to bed disappointed that I didn’t “fit exercise into my schedule”.  I even like to exercise.  It's like if I don't pencil it into my schedule I just move right past it.  I must figure out a way to find balance in my life … a balance between eating what I like yet limiting my portions … keep drinking at least 64 oz. of water each day … scheduling time to exercise 5x a week.  If I can pull this off I will be a super happy and healthy mom, wife and ME!!

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