August 18, 2011

Just not feeling it ...

WOW … what happened to the first 18 days of this month?  The summer is over and I have yet to begin a major diet or workout program.  SLACKER!! Yep that’s me … super big slacker so far.  I had big plans for this month but I have yet to start.  Why is it that I am so quick to say ... "I'll start tomorrow" or  "I might be able to pull out a save this month if I stay focused and really put up an effort for the next 2 weeks".  I’m not sure what is causing my lack of motivation but I am just not feeling it . Quick ... someone send me some motivation!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, so I totally posted the day you wrote this and it's not here! ARGH! It was something along the lines of GET OUT THE DOOR! The first step is the hardest one. Once you start, it's easier to find the motivation. Don't go to bed until you've at least gone for a walk around the block!!!! GET UP and GET MOVING!!!!!! Good luck!